Play Pen Bird Cage - 8002422

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Aprox 24″ Wide, 22″ Deep, 63″ High

Aprox 70 lbs

5/8″ bar spacing
thickness of bars 4mm
door size 23-1/2″ x 8″
inside playroom high approx. 30″
from inside grill to inside tray 6″
from floor to top tray 52″
from floor to inside tray 15-1/2″
from floor to 1st horizontal bar 5-1/2″
from floor to top perch 63″
from top tray to top perch 10-1/2″

TWO Playpen top perches
TWO Playpen step ladders
THREE Stainless Steel 20oz inside cups No Nipple
TWO Stainless Steel 10oz top cups on top perch
ONE nest door

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