SHHH! - 6 OZ Shhh! - 6 oz

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Made In The USA
Can also be used on dogs who are hair pullers, toe lickers and excessive barkers.
From small dogs to large dogs

(dosage: 1 cap in 10 oz of water, shake vigorously daily)

Do You Have A Nasty, Screaming, Upset Bird?    Use Shhh!

For relief of excess squawking, screaming and hyper excitability. Also helps curb your bird’s tendencies to strike out and bite.

Add one capful of Shhh! to 8oz. of bottled water each day and watch your bird’s screaming start to calm down.  Do not use in chlorinated water. Change daily.

You should start to see results within 5 days. Birds will usually react better with their owners, and play more with their owner and toys.

Safe and natural Homeopathic Formula. Water based. FDA registered. 6 oz bottle.

Believe the Experts!
Recommended by Marc Morrone, TV celebrity; Board Certified Avian Vets Samuel Vaughn, Greg Burkett and Linda Pesek; and other veterinarians such as Thomas Knight, DVM and Robert Schachner, DVM.

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