Silex Grit Coarse 3.3lbs

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This product is indicated for birds with a marked granivorous specialization, especially psittacides and pigeons.

This grit is calibrated to the optimum size to be ingested by these birds (1.5 mm).

Its consumption is essential to ensure optimal functioning of the gizzard and the digestive system in general.

Its function is purely mechanical and should not be confused with calcium grits, which have a nutritional function as a source of calcium. Contrary to what happens with calcium grits, the flit flint is insoluble and does not dissolve in the gizzard due to the action of gastric acids. In the absence of a contribution of flint flit, it can happen that the birds ingest substitute the calcium grits in search of a mechanical action that will not occur completely, causing collaterally a potentially harmful hypercalcemia.

Make the birds freely available in a separate container.

The amount consumed will be a function of the granulometry of the bird's diet and the level of specialization that the species has in the consumption of seeds. The most purely granivorous species are those that have the highest requirements in mechanical (insoluble) grit.

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